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    Q: Why donate when I do not see admins online?

    A: Admins are online everyday. If not in-game, they are monitoring server load/performance, watching game chat streams, player connectivity, reading through game server error log reports, monitoring security, keeping the games up to date with latest patches, maintaining the OS and file systems software and hardware these game servers run on, and much, much more… There is much more to keep servers health and running smoothly than meets the eye. ­čśë

    Q: What if I just want to play for free?

    A: Something to consider is moosemilker.com┬áservers are “on demand”, “donation supported”┬áservers. So people basically vote with their dollar. There is no real reason for the owner(s)┬áto host games on systems that cost our┬átime and money to run with no intake of some┬ásort of compensation for such services. If you or anyone else want to see these┬áservers running a game you like, it’s best to donate. ┬áDoing so will keep these game servers online. If players play on these┬áservers without donating, their game of choice is at risk an may not stay online┬áin favor of┬ágames people want to support.

    Q: What if I want perks for donating?

    A: I have always been willing to do this, but I have been working with certain EXCELLENT DONOR players (@NickS and @Tactical_Punk) to increase and define offerings…

    Premium perks offered:

    – $20 – *Lifetime* spawn/re-spawn with decent starter equipment (including assault rifle, handgun, can-opener, canned food, drink, insta-docs, etc.) Note: The term “Lifetime” is limited by the length of the hosted server game type and the particular server the player participates in.

    – $80 – *Temporary* crate full of LOTS of concrete building materials (or other supplies)

    – Got something else in mind? Ask away… Maybe we can work something out.

    – Note: All perks are subject to termination and/or redefinition at any the server owner’s discretion.

    We hope that clears things up and makes it more easy to understand why dontations make sense.

    Thank you for playing… and “don’t you go dying on me…” ┬á­čśë

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