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    Terd Fergasen

    He and his friends have been banned.



    I’ve been recently playing on one of your servers (moosemilker.com|ExileMod 1.0.2|Atlis 1.66|Ryanzombies 4.6|AI|M) and there is a hacker/cheater who my friends and I have encountered. His name is “xX_Body_OppZ_xX” and he keeps harassing my friends and me. He randomly spawns/teleports next to us and kills us. On the rare chance that he doesn’t kill us he will also try to give us money/guns/clothes/vehicles that he makes appear out of thin air and when we say we don’t want any of that stuff because it takes the fun out of the game, he kills us. We’ve put multiple hours into this server scavenging and building our base but we’ve had to move bases multiple times to try and avoid him but he proceeds to spawn/teleport next to us no matter where we go. I was wondering if there is anything you guys can do about it or if my friends and I need to find a new server.



    Terd Fergasen

    After purging some of the barrage of ‘cheaters’ (‘hackers’ is actually inaccurate, since these fools only know how to pay for someone else’s “hacking” tools research), I have decided to remove the password. It baffles me to no end why anyone would want to cheat. What a bunch of fucking idiots. Play the game, kill or be killed, and deal with it. Don’t be a pussy and cheat!

    Happy gaming…


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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