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    NickS (AKA Texas)


    I think safe zones ought to be just that.. “safe”. But too many times I see players creeping up on my vehicle as I attempt to sell it or sell cargo from it. Normally, players who do that attempt to take the vehicle before I can complete the sale at the scrap dealer or take cargo. Couple of nights ago we had a player simply hop in our strider and sit there until we drove out of the trader and shot him thru the window.

    I keep an eye out for players who hide behind the sand bag barriers waiting for an opportunity to steal your vehicle a the trader. Sure you can lock player owned vehicles, but when you are trying to sell a captured AI vehicle, it leaves you open to getting ripped off as you make the sale.

    So, my “trader etiquette” is simple. Stay away from other player’s vehicles and do not “creep up” or “appear to be waiting” for other players to leave their vehicles. If I experience this kind of behavior, it results in me simply running over the player. I could drive to another trader or come back another time, but I usually just run them over.

    Other than that, I usually have no issues at the trader. Sure, from time to time, there is someone playing bandit just outside the trader, but they are usually easily killed and looted. Best practice at the trader is to not use the normal entrance and exits. Just blaze your own path in and out of the trader – this usually prevents anyone from ambushing you as you leave. I try to come and go by driving in across the landing strip. Not to many places for anyone to hide in that flat area. Even if you do get killed, a quick respawn makes it easy to get your stuff back



    What about safe zone etiquette? It’s been awful around safe zones lately.


    MD Lion

    yes I have seen it, ive been friendly and helpful where i can and once again offer the use of my base for public use

    I agree to the terms laid out here, we can give it a try

    hopefully new players will stick around a bit longer

    The chances are that i will be in my base area or nearby anyway, i only do missions to get supplies

    as for pvp i dont mind that but the base raiding does put players off i think, unfortunately, it is part of the game so you cant help people getting upset after losing alot of hard work

    it can be frustrating- Im still wondering how my flag was taken without raiding through the walls but i know how to restore it now so its not a huge issue-

    i do like the feature but it seems a bit easy to get in atm from the point of view of a defender, i cant comment on the attackers point of view as i have only seen one other base in the area, the one near the bandit camp mission, does any one know who owns that by the way?

    i still like the idea of having a set piece battle when theres enough players on- we could make two groups and go for the same objective for instance or set up a simple base every one has rights to and fight over it when ever possible etc

    so if you see me online give me a shout so i know where your operating and you can assume i will be operating around the base area


    Full Tard

    I am to busy shooting zombies and AI to worry about a little group of players who enjoy a little PVP. There are no rules of engagement on Moosemilker. Personally I try not to shoot players if I encounter them online but have no problem with PVP by other players. It is all part of the game.


    NickS (AKA Texas)

    The family name of our group is now 三合會 (Triad).


    NickS (AKA Texas)

    It has come to my attention that our group has become responsible for driving off other players due to the fact that we love PVP and base raiding. Under this treaty, all players in our group will follow “rules of engagement”

    In order to promote server population, our group has agreed to cease base raiding, player owned vehicle theft / destruction, and PVP for a period of 60 days. Hopefully this will allow players to feel more secure in building bases and obtaining resources while our group is online.

    Rules of Engagement:

    Rule 1 – We will not fire upon another player unless provoked or fired upon.
    Rule 2 – We will not steal or destroy player owned vehicles unless provoked (ramming us, following us, side chat threats) or fired upon.
    Rule 3 – We will not raid bases unless provoked or fired upon by the player who owns the base or players within that base.
    Rule 4 – No rules of engagement exist at server missions. Players in and around the mission are not protected by rules of engagement.

    Why are there no rules of engagement at server missions? In order to make the server fun for the players in our group, we will need some type of “killing action” to curb our blood thirst. Doing the missions on the server will serve as an adequate alternative to PVP, base raiding, stealing and destroying player owned vehicles.

    Therefore, my group claims all missions. The missions belong to our group.

    To be clear, if other players are at missions (or near them while we are doing a mission), we will engage and destroy the player(s), steal or destroy the players equipment, and raid the players base without mercy.

    We look forward to a peaceful 60 days and hope server population increases.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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