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    Terd Fergasen

    Good stuff! The only way I would extend the time is if donations force me to do so. So far, I have only had donations for Exile. I am very happy people have played on Epoch though, but it runs on power, hardware, software, my time on maintenance, etc., where I am the only contributor.

    Please see this policy, which has been defined for over a year: http://moosemilker.com/forums/topic/why-should-i-donate/




    it is crazy though. the general server population has spiked in recent months almost 20 at one point according to gametracker.com


    Terd Fergasen

    There are no donations from users happening to keep this server online.

    On 1/31/2016, we will be switching this server from Epoch Altis to Exile Namalsk.

    If the user count drops to no daily users, this server may be retired sooner and rolled to the new target type.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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