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    MD Lion

    I have noticed some players have been using the public section to hit cars, which are then sold to buy bombs, which are then used against the base.

    So to prevent this, I have added several locks to the platform and a lower room too, which has had to be locked as well

    If you want to use it please contact me for the current password

    Hopefully this will be a temporary measure while I assess the situation and it’s use

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    MD Lion

    good thats exactly what its intended for, a community area, where players can meet and set up groups to go out on missions with or just shoot some passing ai and so on.

    Its also intended to help out new players who might be overwhelmed with the map, part of the reason its situated where it is

    another is in honour of the player who had the original base there, who offered its use to me and my friends, which is where my start and wealth came from, i want to carry on that legacy for others

    the clan fight our groups engaged in was fun and that is also partly the reason for the base, a sustained fight, however this will be very costly in respect, from the multiple deaths, as you know.

    They were also genuine questions, what do you get from base raiding? how much respect etc? I dont raid peoples bases in general as i have no need to, being able to make enough just from the ai. i have no idea about the mechanics when it comes to how that works

    now as for players driving past, i havent killed any one yet in that way and in fact, its often the other way round, 9 times out of 10, its me who gets shot and or robbed, rather than any passerby, who often behave noticeably differently than ai, the cars dont stop for one and players shooting you can happen anywhere on the map. for instance, when some users were sitting snipping players at the site.
    I cant say i ever saw any player using a mounted MG there at all

    its much more dangerous for me to operate this site than for any other player and im still offering its use for the benefit of all players, including the ones who enjoy shooting you and taking your stuff and you can always send a call out.

    instead of shooting the players on the platform why not come and join them occasionally? its open to all and i can always use the assistance in keeping the ai away, i usually have more cars than i can sell.

    what ever else goes on in the map, the idea is this is a place for the community to thrive, meet new friends and make some money and respect,

    so the more players who know about it the better

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    NickS (AKA Texas)

    I think players use this to farm vehicles from the AI patrols that pass there frequently. Sometimes players shoot at other players, either on purpose or because they are mistaken for AI.

    My major gripe about that base is that it is so close to the airfield and you end up driving past it all the time. Some player placed a mounted MG up there once and made quick work of players and AI as they approached.

    I’ve learned to honk my horn as I go by to prevent shots. If someone shoots at me from that base I am going to fight back. I took the flag once, after having a little PVP battle there. At one point I was able to enter the base and hold it a while. Super fun.

    Whoever was defending that base used its close location to the airfield to be able to re spawn and parachute back into it over and over again (to get their gear and keep fighting). People attacking it did the same thing. It kept the PVP action going and going.

    I think it would be better balanced to have the base further from the airfield, but that just my opinion.


    MD Lion

    I have made a base at a three-way crossroads known to us as the Devils triangle, the intention is to have a base for public use, that any player can use, to stage fights or kill ai patrols from etc

    The first base was lost due to a war and had the flag stolen

    the second base was left open and unprotected, as it was very basic and some players have stolen the flag.

    So at this point i have several points i want to make:

    Will those players, you know who you are, continue to steal the flag in a base intended for everyone to use?

    what is the benefit of doing so? do you get money? respect? what?

    I understand that some might just enjoy doing that but i dont see the benefit, we can profit more as a community from its shared use and you get more respect and money from using it to take out ai patrols etc

    The other point is that I think they wait till they are the only ones on the server to do it. Why? how is this fun to you exactly? explain it to me?

    Where is the fun in taking an unguarded, unfortified flag from a base worth less than the ransom?

    I personally have plenty of cash but respect is harder to accrue and any kill you suffer takes way, way too much respect considering how much you have to do to earn it.

    So, isnt it worth keeping, I’ll continue to rebuild it, as i lose almost nothing in doing so and for the gain, you can make, it outweighs the small amount of investment required.

    Consider these points and think about the benefits we get for working together in this one area.

    What do you think?

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 4 months ago by  MD Lion.
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