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    Hi, My name is ELMO. from japan.
    I play with my wife this server mission.
    my wife’s name is jeel.

    see you again in game!
    have fun!

    thx Daniel & admin!


    Daniel Huber

    Hey everyone, me name is Daniel Huber, i just recently started playing on the chernarus server and i plan to get a few of my friends to join as well, if you like, you can add me on:
    steam – Zombiefrog257
    PSN – Zombiefrog257

    I’m always looking for new people to game with, currently im playing a lot of dayz epoch and i’m looking for a team to work with, make it easier to build a base, and to take on AI missions, if anyone is interested, message me on steam or PSN. Currently i don’t have a base of my own, i just log off near my car somewhere in the woods, i move it somewhere different every day but i have some good ideas for a base.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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