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    Terd Fergasen

    The blur effect would blur out your whole screen / field of view if you shot an automatic rifle while holding down the trigger. Now you can hold down the trigger or shoot many times in a row with a semi-automatic weapon and there is no blur effect.



    not sure what the blur does, but it will be nice to have the sway reduced.  Its horrible even when you have a bipod out and something to brace against.

    Thanks for the changes!


    Terd Fergasen

    Today, I changed the default settings for player sway and blur, leaving recoil alone since I like the recoil setting.

    Default Desolation Redux mod “Realism” settings:

    Recoil = 1.2
    Sway_Multiplier = 1.2
    Enable_Blur = true
    Blur_Coefficient = 0.05

    New settings:

    Recoil = 1.2
    Sway_Multiplier = 0.5
    Enable_Blur = false
    Blur_Coefficient = 0.05

    This will remain this way for a while as we test…

    – Terd

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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