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    Terd Fergasen
    Server Rules/Disclaimer:

    • Play on these servers at your own risk… All rights reserved.
    • These are PVP (Player Versus Player) servers, and the admin takes no responsibility for other players or AI NPCs sabotaging other player’s bases, vehicles, etc.
    • If there is a server wipe (this is not planned for at any point), the admin takes no responsibility to reimburse any player.
    • If you report bugs, the admin will attempt to patch the issues, but nothing is guaranteed.
    • Note the following known conditions:
      • Arma 3 can have bugs or glitches
      • Any of the Arma MODs can have bugs or glitches
    • There is no condition that warrants any reimbursement or compensation from the admin of these servers.

    Thanks for your understanding!  Enjoy!

    Donators specific:

    • If you donate, the admin may try to help with small requests from the specific donator as time permits, but there is still no guarantee the admin will or can do anything for you. If you decide to donate, it is greatly appreciated, and the money goes towards keeping the servers online and the admin interested in keeping them up to date / add features for the whole community to enjoy. Thanks to all who have donated and to future donators!
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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