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    Terd Fergasen

    Thanks for the feedback.

    • This is Panthera2 map
    • I logged the traders issue on the DayZ Epoch forums:
    • During the rework of the mods implemented, all base and player data stored was kept in tact, although it can happen where the system ignores some items. Going forward, stuff should stay.
    • Locked vehicles should not unlock
    • I am working on all items ability to be bought/sold at traders. No promises, but I will consider the radio request.
    • AI is highly configured by me. I run 2 types: DayZAI or DZAI, and SargeAI. Again, both have been tested and skill levels finely tuned to the point I thought they were considered both “challenging and fun.”
    • The service station this something I saw around and implemented. If you wish to read about it, the exact mod is: Vehicle Service Point by Axe Cop

    Thanks for playing!

    -Aaron (aka Terd Fergasen)

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    Also, the service station thing is awesome… Does reloading the “horn” actually reload the vehicle’s weapon? I thought it was kinda lame that I spent 4 briefcases on an M2 Hummer that came with no ammo…



    The new setup is crazy! I assume this is Panthera2? I’m still having issues with some of the transactions with traders… It could be an ID issue with the items, such as the MV22, M240, and others.. With other items, it seems as though they only register within the 20 meter vicinity some of the time. I noticed that most of my stuff was gone after the new build, is it normal for locked vehicles to unlock after a certain amount of inactivity? One last thing, can you guys put more of the weapons found on the map into the trader inventory? The radios are also kinda cool to be able to sell as a bonus, I’ve seen it on other servers and it seems to work. Maybe only have them on the bandit leaders… What is the name of the AI structure you guys use? Or is it your own?


    Terd Fergasen

    Please let me know if you find any issues. I have been testing and things are looking great. Thanks!

    Chernarus, Chernarus (Experimental), and Panthera servers rough outline of features:

    All regular Epoch features. Feature list here: Epoch page with feature list
    Ambient city lights at night
    Latest update description:

    Infistar Support (Infistar Not Incl.)
    Snap Pro (raymix:
    Suicide (mudzereli)
    Take Clothes (ZABN/rewritten by me)
    Faster Trading Tweak (written by me/inspired by Gr8Boi)
    DZAI 1.1Fin
    Settings Tweaks (Epoch Team/VBAwol)
    less vehicles
    road building
    no plot requirement
    increased building limit
    disabled spawning as zombie
    self transfusion
    one step building
    Service Point Apr14 (AxeCop)
    Chernarus Extra buildings
    Ghost of Chernarus Map Pack (Charlatan)
    NWAF Gas Station (Crankyfist)
    Field Hospital (Crankyfist)
    NEAF Barracks (mudzereli)
    C130 Crash (Crankyfist)
    Balota Overhaul (Ixxo)
    NWAF Rework (oxygen220)
    Vehicles Optionally Spawn Unlocked (mudzereli)
    Safe Zones (Infistar)
    Deployable Bike/More (mudzereli)
    Enhanced Spawn Select (ebay)
    Epoch Mission System 0.3 (Fuchs/defents edit)
    Loot Spawn Tweaks (no more running away from buildings – mudzereli)
    Other features / more detail:

    CUSTOM LOOT! More loot piles, building materials, etc.
    Sarge AI – Heros Bandits only
    NO PLOT POLES for building!
    NO WEIGHT system
    More Vehicles @ Hero & Bandit Traders!
    Locked Vehicles Can’t Be Towed
    Fire Barrels @ Hero & Bandit Traders
    10m Deadzone Around Protected Areas
    Zombies removed from Trader Cities
    Missions can’t spawn near Trader Cities
    Clothing & Building Missions
    Single Stage Crafting
    Take Clothes from Bodies
    Added Building Supplies to Missions
    Vehicle Ammo Added to Traders
    Uninterrupted Menu Keys
    Indestructible 2nd Tier Bases
    Automatic Refueling
    Increased Loot With More Players
    Increased Vehicle Spawns
    Pick Class And Spawn
    Default Loadout Fix (No Backpack Drop)
    Self Bloodbag
    Improved Mission System
    Towing & Lift
    Auto Refueling
    CHERNARUS: Added Barricades @ NEAF Air Dealer
    CHERNARUS: New Loot Camps @ NWAF, Balota, & More
    CHERNARUS: New Military Camps With Loot @ Airfields

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