DayZ server info & rules

DayZ mods info

  • Based on: [420] Gaming Modded DayZ Survival
  • Trader Safe-Zone outpost is Located in Staroye
  • There is a Trader Outpost at Lopatino and Stary-Sobor
  • ONLY Staroye Trader outpost has GodMode!
  • Mod customization on top of this will be incoming from, your boy Terd Fergasen.

Common Sense Rules

  1. Any threats made personally to another player or staff member will be a permanent ban.
  2. Glitching, exploiting, and cheating are all a permanent ban.
  3. DOXing, ddos, and swatting threats/attempts will be a permanent ban.
  4. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.
  5. Please record you gameplay with shadowplay/OBS. Reporting another player with zero evidence is a waste of our, and your time.

Safezone/Trader Rules

  1. All trader zones except Staroye are PVP zones. This means players can camp these areas and combat may take place anywhere in the area.
  2. Camping the Staroye trader zone will result in a Temporary ban with re-occurring offenses being longer bans/permanent.
  3. Trolling inside of the Staroye safezone will will result in a Temporary ban with re-occurring offenses being longer bans/permanent. [This includes handcuffing, taking blood, and force feeding players]
  4. Bases must be built atleast 500 Meters from any trader, anything closer will be removed.
  5. Stealing items from players inside of the Staroye trader zone is allowed, please don’t complain if you decide to leave items up for grabs.
  6. Any purchased vehicle comes with a key. Failure to lock your vehicle may result in it getting stolen, this is also allowed.
  7. You MAY occupy a building to create a shop in the Staroye Safezone. You MUST build your shop 150 Meters or more from any trader NPC.

Game servers privately hosted in the Seattle area for your gaming pleasure…

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