DayZ server info & rules

DayZ mods info

  • We run a very customized (by yours truly) version of this:
    • In fact, I have customized it so much, I will likely release my own version of “DZMods”
    • Thanks to Fallingsheep and DaOne for all of your kick ass work! Thank you to your associated devs and QA friends that work with you.

What mods are here?

  • I don’t like mods that make the client run extra stuff, which is why I rewrote some of DZMods code
  • Infected hordes to random towns
  • Extra buildings
  • No Stamina
  • Extra loot! – Including: Double M4 mag, AK drum mag, all gun suppressor types, and a bunch of by-hand updated loot tables settings all customized by me.
  • Server messages via chat (this is part of not wanting to run mods that make the client download  and set stuff up)
    • IMPORTANT: Make sure you enable ALL 3 chat types under your In-Game Settings -> Game tab
  • Upper-right hand Debug Monitor to show your health, blood and location


  • Traders: May wait for DayZ launcher to be finished
  • Potentially add airdrops (I have air drops enabled now, but I believe they are horked)
  • Someday if the dev community can figure out a way around DayZ’s single-sided factions: Some type of roaming AI
  • Missions

Common Sense Rules

  1. Any threats made personally to another player or staff member will be a permanent ban.
  2. Glitching, exploiting, and cheating are all a permanent ban.
  3. DOXing, ddos, and swatting threats/attempts will be a permanent ban.
  4. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.
  5. Please record your gameplay with shadowplay/OBS. Reporting another player with zero evidence is a waste of our, and your time.

A DayZ modding crew and community I am personally be keeping my eye on:

Game servers privately hosted in the Seattle area for your gaming pleasure…

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