Arma launcher game join steps

  1.  Run Arma 3 (launcher automatically loads)
  2. Click Servers
  3. Click Internet
  4. Click in server ‘filter’ box
  5. Type: moosemilker
  6. Click on ‘moosemilker’ server in server list (NOTE: There should only be 1 server listed). Clicking on the server name will expand the server view with more detail on that target server.
  7. Click on button: More details…
  8. *server details pop-up loads*
  9. Make sure all “Mods required by server” are set to “Load from Library” or Click all “Subscribe mod” buttons. See example screenshot from a server that shows the Subscribe mod buttons.
  10. Once server shows as “green light”, Click button: Setup Mods and Join

From here, Arma 3 will load and connect directly to the server / game lobby…

Game servers privately hosted in the Seattle area for your gaming pleasure…

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