Arma admins

Please be good admins.  Please feel free to ask any questions you are unclear on.

Rules of conduct and disclaimer (Read carefully):
  • For some reason I trust you, but if you retaliate to players or abuse the admin system, I will remove access.
  • The ONLY reason we have admin access to check for cheaters.
    • You can use player spying tools if there is a reason to do so.
    • Do not spy on another admin (no exceptions).
  • If you catch a cheater, document it the best you can, then kick & ban them.
    • Send me a report through this website.
  • Do not compensate any player by spawning in items. Refer them to the Disclaimer page or to me through the Contact form.
  • Do not spawn in items in general unless you and I talk about it first.
  • You may periodically test the admin tools to re-familiarize yourself with the tool set.
  • One special fun thing for admins only: You can spawn in a single zombie or zombie hordes whenever you want… 🙂
  • Please no racist or bigot type comments: We as admins are clean from this behavior.
  • You can swear/cuss as often as you like.  🙂
  • You agree to play on the server at least once per week. More is appreciated so we get coverage.
  • If you quit playing Arma, please let me know so I can remove admin access and keep my list clean.
    • If I check the database and it has been 2-3 weeks since you logged in, I will likely remove your admin access.
  • I may remove admin access at any point as I feel like it.
  • The rules may change as I feel like it, but they will probably not change, unless I discover some hole in my set of rules.

If you disagree with any of my policies or no longer want to be admins at any point, let me know and I will revoke admin access. No hard feelings what so ever…

That said to use the admin tools, instructions for admins only will show when you log into the game.

The list of admins is posted on the Home page of this website.


Game servers privately hosted in the Seattle area for your gaming pleasure…

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