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Arma 3 Moosemilker Desolation Redux (Chernarus map) server – CLICK to JOIN (ONLY if you already have the mods set up through Arma 3 launcher):Arma 3 Moosemilker Desolation Redux (Tanoa map) server

Arma admin list (Before contacting an admin, read the disclaimer):

  • Terd Fergasen
  • Crist0s (in-game: GunJam)
  • Dogripper
  • MD Lion

How do admins work around here?

Any current game server password: Create a moosemilker account to get access to page with password…

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Description of mods we run here in addition to Arma 3 ExileMod

Disclaimer on servers: Please read

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Game servers privately hosted in the Seattle area for your gaming pleasure…

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